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How is Lipsense Different and Better?

LipSense makes a woman more confident and modern giving a classy touch to her personality. Any glycerin toiletries can be used to wipe it off your lips., The best feature of LipSense is that it’s a permanent lip color...

How is Lipsense Different and Better?

As LipSense is different from normal cosmetic products so one is often keen in knowing how it works? The fact that it is produced by one of the leading cosmetics companies that is SeneGence which is known for its innovative products makes it all the more interestingly different! The best feature of LipSense is that it’s a permanent lip color and stays for whole day. It doesn’t stick to your teeth and never comes off your lips. Now no more coffee mug marks or marks on glasses making you project a classy image!

Why that LipSense never comes off lips? Basically it’s a biological property of lips that they exfoliate after every 10 hours or so. LipSense works intelligently by adhering permanently to the top layer of the skin. So the color remains for 8-10 hours and comes out only with exfoliation of the skin. So that’s how it works. Intelligent, isn’t it?

As the underlying skin is never affected by exfoliation of the skin above and so LipSense is not harmful. Added it works as a moisturizer and hence is even a medical boon for lips. As it is made up of shea butter so it makes the lips healthier and look glossy by entering in several underlying layers of skin of lips. Shea butter also helps in curing chapped lips.

LipSense makes a woman more confident and modern giving a classy touch to her personality. Any glycerin toiletries can be used to wipe it off your lips. These amazing features of LipSense have fascinated a lot of women all over the world and made one-time users its permanent users.
Who doesn’t want to have a big beautiful smile? And if you don’t get it naturally LipSense promises you to give it in the natural way! These liquid colors are way ahead other counterparts as they hardly create smudge and water doesn’t affect them and stays for whole day in any possible situation making women feel care free.

LipSense’s new range of Diamond collection is an innovative and unique range of shades. This range is called autumn season range as sparkle; glitter and luster are all in one product. LipSense is different from lip-gloss as lip-gloss is applied over a lipstick and LipSense works as both! Browns and purples are suggested for full-size lips whereas the women of dark complexion should try darker and wine shades.

By: Ricky Hussey
Article Source: http://www.ArticleBiz.com

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Applying Lipstick

Achieve perfect pouty lips with lip care,lip liner, concealer, lipstick and lip gloss.,Exfoliate No matter what the weather is outside, Moisturize,Match your liner with your lipstick for the best look. .. Color Using a lip brush, add a light sheer color gloss...

Applying Lipstick

Achieve perfect pouty lips with lip care,
lip liner, concealer, lipstick and lip gloss.

There is nothing that will add to a woman's appearance like the perfect pouty lip. It is one of the most sensual features of a woman. Why do you think Angelina Jolie is so popular?

Well here is your six simple tips to make the ultimate
beauty statement, perfect lips!

1. Exfoliate No matter what the weather is outside, we still have problems with dry chapped lips. Some companies have a lip exfoliator or a lip mask that buff away dead skin. You can also put a small amount of pertroleum jelly on your lips and buff with a dry wash cloth. This is a must step, no one wants to kiss dry chapped lips!

2. Moisturize Now that you have exfoliated you need to help prevent the dryness from coming back. Again petroleum jelly will work for this step, but a lot of companies have a great lip balm. As we age, some women will have a problem with lipstick bleeding and feathering so look for a balm that will prevent that as well.

3. Line The best way to define your lips is with a lip liner. Match your liner with your lipstick for the best look. Fill in your lip with your lip liner as well. You do not want to be the woman in the restaurant with her lips still perfectly line after she eats! If your lips are on the small side, you can line just outside of your lips to enhance your look.

4. Highlight Next with a small brush, take a very light concealer and dab a little dot in the center of your lips, blend with your finger.

5. Color Using a lip brush, apply your favorite lipstick. A lip brush will take some practice but it is the best way to blend your lipliner with your lipstick. Once you get it, you will never go back!

6. Gloss For ultimate plumping, add a light sheer color gloss to the center of your bottom lip. Your partner will not be able to resist you...and that's a promise!

© Chrissy Dolezal

Flaming Lips: Tour Over the Top?

Flaming Lips:The Soft Bulletin,Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots,Father Christmas, sexy elves and lasers... Back to basics...

Flaming Lips: Tour Over the Top?

Wayne Coyne and Co's At War With
The Mystics Tour a Bit of a Circus

The Flaming Lips are renowned for their magical live shows. But at London's Hammersmith Apollo on the 'At War with the Mystics' tour, they showed signs of decline.

Can you have too much of a good thing? It’s not a question that is often asked about Oklahoma’s favourite sons, The Flaming Lips. But although Wayne Coyne and the boys were still pretty damn good on the At War with the Mystics tour, the answer is probably ‘yes’.

The Soft Bulletin

The Lips first won over the great British public on the ‘Soft Bulletin’ tour. At the Royal Albert Hall, the venue was awe-inspiring, and the gig itself felt like a rave: bright lights, ecstatically smiling faces, giant balloons, confetti, puppets… not to mention their finest-ever album, sympathetically played. They played the gig of a lifetime and the audience stumbled home in a haze of joy.

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots

Soon there were legions of Lips true believers, buying tickets every time they toured. The vast majority enjoyed every gig: it’s always difficult to replicate that brain-blasting first rush of amazement, but ‘Yoshimi’ was a pretty decent record and the band was never less than entertaining.

Father Christmas, sexy elves and lasers...
but where were the songs?

But by the time of this gig, something peculiar had happened. The son et lumiere bombardment was even more dazzling than usual: the fans were treated to a town crier, sexy elves, Father Christmases, Wayne walking through the crowd in a giant Perspex ball, ticker-tape, strobes and awesome lasers. But there was a hole in the middle where the songs should have been.

The Lips may be critical darlings, incapable – like Tom Waits or Bob Dylan – of getting a bad review. But the new album just isn’t very memorable. Their first mediocre record for over a decade, it starts off with two great singles then wanders around doing not very much for the rest of its course. So for the first Lips tour in memory, the quality control began to falter, and several average songs reared their heads – one sounding alarmingly like Deep Purple. Other factors also began to grate: Wayne’s getting preachier all the time, and the crowd doesn’t need to be told that George Bush is an arse – like every gig-goer in the world, they know it already thanks! There are too many pretty, sound-alike cosmic ballads. And the sound quality seemed slightly out, as well.

Back to basics?

So, newcomers may well have been dazzled. But it seems that nowadays, a Lips show is a brilliant circus with some songs attached – rather than the great gig with awesome visuals of yesteryear. The band has become overwhelmed by its props: maybe it’s time to go back to basics.

© Ben Wood

The Perfect Bold Lip....Dramatic Lip Look

How To Create Fall/Winter's Beauty Classic Trend,Dramatic Lip Look,Exfoliate & Moisturize: Lipliner:Lipstick:Separate a piece of tissue into two layers,Tips and Tricks..

The Perfect Bold Lip

How To Create Fall/Winter's Beauty Classic Trend

Just as scarves and boots become must-haves when the weather gets colder, so does lipstick and bold lips. But lipstick can be an intimidating beauty tool and bold lips can be a high-maintenance look. With these step-by-step tips and useful hints, a bold lip look can be just as easy to apply as grabbing a favourite lip gloss, and much more on trend!


Gwen Stefani and Christina Aguilera have made this modernized glamourous look their signatures, and crimson lips were seen on Katherine Heigl, Kate Walsh and Heidi Klum on the 2007 Emmy Awards red carpet. It's a throwback to the Hollywood glamour of 1940s and 1950s, and it's an extremely sophisticated, feminine look.

The Steps For A Beautiful, Dramatic Lip Look

1. Exfoliate & Moisturize:
Use a dry toothbrush to gently buff the skin of your lips, removing any dry skin. Follow up immediately with a moisturizing lip balm. Before applying lip colour, blot your lips with a tissue to remove any excess product.

2. Lipliner:
For a matte lip look, using a lipliner in the same shade as your lipstick is key. With short, light strokes, outline your lips, then the entire lip surface. This step ensures that your look will last longer – the lipstick adheres to the lipliner, not your skin.

3. Lipstick:
Using a brush, apply your lip colour carefully and a little at a time until both lips are covered in a thin layer of colour.

4. Blot:
Separate a piece of tissue into two layers. Pressing one layer gently onto your lips will help to set the colour and remove any excess.

5. Lipstick:
Apply a second layer of lipstick as you did the first.

6. Blot:
Use the second piece of separated tissue and press it onto your lips. You're done!


Red is classic, but can be too strong a look for daytime. Think in shades of burgundy or plum and save the red for special occasions like holiday parties.

Tips and Tricks

* If you make a mistake, use a Q-tip to smudge it out. If necessary, the smudge can be covered with a bit of concealer or foundation and powder on a clean lip brush.

* You should exfoliate and moisturize your lips as part of your nightly routine year round, but especially in the dry, cold winter months when skin becomes dehydrated. That way, no matter what you're wearing on them, your lips will stay soft and moisturized.

* If you exfoliate and moisturize your lips before you start your make-up routine and do your lips last, the moisturizer will have time to absorb. Just remember to blot before you apply your lip colour!

* For a softer look, you may choose a sheer lipstick and apply it with your finger or directly from the tube. Just remember to apply carefully – you could end up looking like a clown otherwise! And remember to blot for a more natural effect.

* Keep the rest of your make-up simple. For a classically retro look, use liquid eyeliner and mascara on your upper lids and fill out your brows. For a modern look, smudge eyeliner or powder in navy, burgundy or plum along your upper lashline, then apply mascara and a highlighter along the brow and cheekbone.

© Catherine Solmes

How to Have Beautiful Lips

A beautiful mouth is a kissable mouth, Avoid dry chapped skin altogether by applying lip balm daily..Hunt down your favorite balm and keep a tube in your purse, desk drawer, bedside stand, medicine cabinet, pocket...

How to Have Beautiful Lips

Smooth skin creates a kissable mouth

Look pretty in or out of lipstick with soft, smooth, kissable lips.

Here's how to treat dry chapped lips so you can have
a beautiful mouth.

Dry chapped lips are not only unattractive, they make a mess of lipstick application. If you want to wear lipstick, or look pretty without it, you need a smooth mouth. A beautiful mouth is a kissable mouth, so don’t forget the rewards you’ll get for your efforts.

Avoid dry chapped skin altogether by applying lip balm daily. Actually, several times a day. Once you get in the habit of moisturizing your lips, you won’t like how they feel bare. Hunt down your favorite balm and keep a tube in your purse, desk drawer, bedside stand, medicine cabinet, pocket. You get the idea. The more ready access you have to the goods, the more likely it is you’ll use them. This works with chocolate too, so give your supply of that to someone you trust and asked to be doled out one piece a day.

Back to lips. If you’ve already got the dried-up version, you’ll need to exfoliate before you moisturize. You do this the same way you exfoliate any part of your skin, by scrubbing with either a wet cloth, loofah or grainy product made for the job. You can also make your own lip exfoliant by combining a little sugar with olive oil till you have a paste, then rubbing enthusiastically with your finger. Rinse off and follow up with lip balm.

Once your lips are in good shape, show them off as much as possible. Find a flattering new lipstick to draw attention to your mouth, have your teeth whitened and smile a lot. Somebody will surely want to kiss you.

© Trevy Thomas

DIY Natural Berry Lip Gloss

Use Fresh Cranberries, Oil, Honey & Vitamin E To Make This Lip Gloss,fresh cranberries, The addition of honey to this recipe sweetens the sour taste naturally and the honey keeps the lips soft...

DIY Natural Berry Lip Gloss

Use Fresh Cranberries, Oil, Honey & Vitamin E To Make This Lip Gloss

All you have to do is mix then heat the ingredients together in a microwave. Use this natural lip gloss to color your lips a berry red. Get the lip gloss recipe here.

Use Natural Lip Gloss Instead

Your skin will absorb whatever you put on your mouth and because it is in such close proximity to your mouth, chances are you may accidentally swallow some of your lip gloss as you wear it.

What would you think if you could make a natural red lip gloss with a few common natural ingredients? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to stain your lips without any synthetic dyes or chemicals? That day has come.

Natural Cranberry And Honey Flavor

This lip gloss recipe uses fresh cranberries, which can taste somewhat bitter in comparison with other sweeter berries. The addition of honey to this recipe sweetens the sour taste naturally and the honey keeps the lips soft.

All you have to do is make steep and crush fresh cranberries in a little amount of hot oil and honey. You can easily heat your ingredients in a small microwaveable bowl in the microwave.

The natural red from the cranberries is one of the most saturated fruit colors that you can add to a natural lip gloss recipe.

Supplies, Equipment And Ingredients

As for supplies, you need a sturdy microwaveable bowl, a wooden spoon, and a microwave. You will use the wooden spoon to crush the heated berries with the oil in the bowl. After you have washed and dried the fresh cranberries, choose the berries with the deepest red color for use in your recipe. You can use any type of vegetable, fruit or nut oil or butter in your recipe. Olive oil, which has a strong scent, may not be suitable for this lip gloss recipe. The contents of a vitamin E capsule will act as a preservative for this recipe.


* 10 Fresh Cranberries
* 1 Tablespoon Vegetable Oil
* 1 teaspoon Honey
* 1 Capsule Vitamin E


1. Blend the honey and oil in the microwaveable bowl. Add the cranberries to the mixture.

2. Heat the mixture in 30 second bursts until the mixture just begins to boil. Stir again.

3. Use the wooden spoon to crush the berries. Continue crushing until you have crushed all ten berries and the oil mixture is red.

4. Cool the mixture for ten minutes. Strain using a muslin cloth.

5. Stir again then cool. When the mixture is cooled, yet still liquid, add to your recycled lip gloss container. If the mixture has cooled to the point of solidifying, then reheat gently in the microwave until it is liquid again and pour into the container or containers.

Now, you know how to make natural lip gloss. With some experimentation, you can adjust the amount of berries needed to get the exact color that you want. You will enjoy how quick it is to make your own natural cranberry lip gloss and you will love the natural berry color. Natural makeup like this is easy to do.

© Kim DeLeary

How To Apply Long-Lasting Lipstick

Making Your Lipstick Last All Day and Night,Use a Lip Liner Pencil,Choosing A Lipstick Formula,Apply A Coat of Lipstick,Apply Powder,Keep in mind that if you choose to add a lip gloss over the lipstick,

How To Apply Long-Lasting Lipstick

Making Your Lipstick Last All Day and Night

No one likes it when their lipstick fades and flakes. Here you can learn how to apply lipstick so it lasts longer throughout the day.

Trying to get your lipstick to stay put is a hassle every woman will deal with at some point. There are formulas that seem to slide all over the place, but feel wonderful on the lips, and yet there are others which last a long time, but feel dry and tight once applied. The following lipstick application method will not only increase the time it takes for your lipstick to fade, but it will help ensure it does so without leaving an ugly mess behind.

Use a Lip Liner Pencil

Lip liners and lip pencils come in a variety of shades and colors, and using one may seem like an unnecessary step, but this product will help you keep your lipstick from feathering, or creeping into the fine lines that appear around the mouth as you age. Rather than using a liner that directly matches your lipstick shade, choose a liner that closely resembles that of your lips' natural shade. That way, when you lipstick starts to wain, you are left with a natural-looking color on your lips instead of uneven, patchy leftover color.

Starting at the outside, and working in, lightly trace the outline of the lips. To make thinner lips appear more full, outline directly on the outer ridge of the lip. To make full lips appear slightly smaller, apply the liner on the inside edge of the lip. Then color in the entire lip with the lip liner or lip pencil.

Choosing A Lipstick Formula

When choosing a shade of lipstick, pay attention to the formula in which it is manufactured. Sheer formulas and lip glosses have a high content of moisture and are more translucent in color. The lack of pigment and the lightweight texture create a product that will not last a long time. Shades that come in a cream or semi-matte formula will last longer than a sheer product, but matte colors will last the longest overall. The general rule of thumb is that the more color they deposit, the longer the lipstick will last on the lips.

Apply A Coat of Lipstick

Use the lipstick directly from the tube and apply one coat of lipstick or lip color. If using a bold color, such as a red, use a lip brush instead. Bold colors require more precision to look flawlessly applied. A lip brush provides more control in the application of the color. Once applied, sandwich a tissue between your lips and blot. Allow the remaining color to dry completely.

Apply Powder

It might seem counterintuitive to use a powder on your lips, but adding a lightweight layer of pressed or loose powder over the first coat of lipstick will greatly enhance the length of time the color will stay put. The powder absorbs moisture and sets the lip color much like it sets your foundation makeup. Simply use a powder brush or a makeup puff and dab the powder directly to the lips.

Finishing the Lips

Now you can add a second coat of lipstick, just as you did above. Keep in mind that if you choose to add a lip gloss over the lipstick, the length of wear will be reduced.

© Annalise Kaylor

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Antiageing Lipstick Lip Protection

Sun Protection Factor Lipstick Prevents Skin Damage to Lips**UV Damaged Lips,Ultra Violet Rays and Sun Screen,Signs of Ageing,Lipstick Colours and Protection...

Antiageing Lipstick Lip Protection

Sun Protection Factor Lipstick Prevents Skin Damage to Lips

Lips need protection from the sun and UV rays and the best way to protect the lips from damage and to keep their youthful appearence is to buy lipstick with care

Women of course know the importance of lips to their appearance, and by using lipstick they go to some lengths to make them more prominent, more attractive and appealing to the opposite sex. Yes, women know the significance of lips and how to bring attention to them.

UV Damaged Lips

Apply a film of lipstick and lips are ready for a luscious, lingering kiss. But lipstick should do more than attract a potential mate or accentuate the lips’ fullness and beauty. According to a Bangkok Post report, lipstick also has a part in helping to protect the lips’ delicate skin. We slap sun protection on our faces and bodies when sunbathing but our poor lips are often ignored, and many of us fail to protect them properly. Lips are as prone to environmental damage as the rest of the facial skin, and unlike the rest of the body, which can be covered and protected from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, lips are constantly on show and always vulnerable to sun and environmental damage.

Ultra Violet Rays and Sun Screen

So it is just as important to protect lips from UV damage. There are two types of ultraviolet rays UVA and UVB that can damage lips and contribute to ageing; UVA damages the deeper skin tissues and UVB the more superficial layers. But both will reduce the amount of collagen, elastin and hyarulonic acid all three are plentiful in youthful lips but are not so abundant in the more mature.

Protecting lips with a broad spectrum sunscreen will keep them safe, soft and attractive. Because of its position the bottom lip is more vulnerable to sun damage and skin cancer. Many women will pay attention to the signs of ageing around the eyes noticing the development of crows’ feet and of fine lines on the forehead that announce the onset of maturity. Many will go to lengths to delay their onset, by applying anti-ageing or anti-wrinkle creams, but many women will also forget that the lips are also important structures in showing the progress of ageing.

Signs of Ageing

These signs are the onset of lines on the lips and around the lip margins and a thinning of he lips themselves. This tends to happen in the late 30s and 40s and of course progressively worsens. While many women will want to just apply some clear lip gloss they may be unaware that this will increase the amount of UV rays that penetrate the skin and so enhance premature ageing.

In addition the skin around the lips is in almost constant motion, with smiling, talking, laughing, eating and even grimacing. Because of this and the effects of unprotected sun exposure and of course smoking signs of premature ageing appear early on the unprotected lips.

Lipstick Colours and Protection

As most women will apply some kind of lipstick, lip gloss or moisturiser most days the advice is to protect your lips with a product that has a sun protection factor incorporated into it. So the smart lipstick wearer will not just look for the colours they like or the amount of shine and lustre the product will give to the lips but how much sun and environmental protection the lipstick or gloss provides.

By buying wisely and using the appropriate product lipstick is as important in staving off the effects of premature ageing as is eye and facial care products.

© John Howe

Cold Weather Lip Care

Cold Weather Lip Care,sun and cold dry air contributes to chapped, cracked lips by sucking out moisture and damaging skin...Lip Recovery Cream with SPF 15...

Cold Weather Lip Care

Tips and Products for a Soft, Sexy Pout

Cold weather is no excuse for dry chapped lips; find out how to replenish and lock in skin's moisture for a luscious, kissable mouth all year long.

Dry, cracked or sore lips are more than just a beauty blunder. In addition to detracting from an otherwise healthy complexion, chapped lips can also interfere with talking, smiling, eating and kissing comfortably.

According to a MotherNature.com article "Chapped Lips," lip skin is unlike skin anywhere else on the body: it's is exceptionally thin (revealing the capillaries below, creating red lips) and has no oil glands (skin's natural barrier), making the lips especially delicate and prone to dryness and chapping.

Although anyone can find themselves with dry lips from time to time, there are specific things you can do to avoid the irritating condition.

Protect Lips

Exposure to wind, sun and cold dry air contributes to chapped, cracked lips by sucking out moisture and damaging skin. Prevent exposure by protecting your lips with a lip cream, balm, or moisturizing lipstick before going outside, and reapply regularly while outside. Since the thin skin on your lips lacks melanin – the pigment that protects skin from damaging UV rays – they're especially vulnerable to the sun, so make sure the product also contains sunscreen of at least SPF 15.

MayoClinic.com recommends using fragrance-free, preservative-free, non-irritating Aquaphor Healing Ointment, or lip balm containing natural beeswax. Also try products containing hydrating shea butter, vitamin E and almond, jojoba, olive or coconut oils.

For intense moisture try: N.V. Perricone MD Alpha Lipoic Acid Lip Plumper, Vichy Intensive Care For Dried Out Lips. For emollient protection try: L'Occitane Shea Butter Lip Balm Stick, Avon Beyond Color Lip Recovery Cream with SPF 15.

Avoid drying matte lipsticks or first add a layer of moisturizing balm as a protective primer.

Avoid Irritating Skin-Care Products

Contact dermatitis from irritants or allergens in cosmetics and skin-care products can also cause chapped lips. Avoid products with fragrances, preservatives or other chemicals that commonly cause allergic reactions. AllergyEscape.com says common lip allergens include carnauba wax, and lanolin (in lipstick) and cinnamic aldehyde, fluoride, glycerine (in toothpaste, candy, chewing gum and mouthwash), and parabens.

Peeling lips can also be a sign of a food or drug allergy.

Quit Licking Your Lips

Although you may think you're moisturizing your lips by licking them, saliva actually contains digestive enzymes which break down your lips' natural protective coating. In a March 2002 Shape article, "7 Tips for Beautiful Lips", dermatologist Robert Brodell, M.D. explained that saliva evaporates very quickly and actually leaves your lips drier than before you licked them.

Stay Hydrated

Chapped lips are a tell-tale sign of dehydration. In the same March 2002 Shape article, dermatologist Bruce Bart, M.D. described lips as sponges, saying that when they're exposed to moisture, lips absorb water and plump up; when dehydrated, they dry out and shrink.

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water (at least eight glasses daily) and minimize your consumption of dehydrating caffeinated beverages (tea, coffee, colas and energy drinks), alcohol, and high-sodium foods.

Indoor heating sources can cause arid air, so you may wish to use an humidifier at home to balance the humidity.

Exfoliate Lips

Polish away dead cells to remove dry, flaky skin and reveal newer, softer skin by gently exfoliating lips with a toothbrush or mild face scrub.

Beef Up on Vitamin B

Nelson Lee Novick, M.D., associate clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City says in the article "Chapped Lips" on MotherNature.com that deficiencies in B-complex vitamins and iron can cause flaking lips and cracking at the corners of the mouth. To prevent this, he suggests taking a multivitamin and/or mineral supplement.

© Johneen Manning

How to Care for Your Lips

The Causes, Prevention, and Treatment of Dry, Chapped Lips,What Causes Chapped Lips,Preventing Chapped Lips,Treating Chapped Lips..

How to Care for Your Lips

The Causes, Prevention, and Treatment of Dry, Chapped Lips

Dry, chapped lips are never fun, but most people experience them from time to time. While the most common experience is a mild irritation or dryness, chapped lips that are left uncared for can cause more serious problems, such as open sores and painful infections.

What Causes Chapped Lips

Chapped lips are the result of many different causes. Exposure to sun, wind, cold, and dry air causes lips to dehydrate and flake. Additional factors that lead to chapped lips are reactions to cosmetic ingredients, repetitive licking of the lips, certain medications, and even overall dehydration of the body.

Preventing Chapped Lips

There are just as many ways to prevent chapped lips as there are causes of them. One of the simplest ways to ease dry lips is by using a lip balm regularly. Purchase lip balms that have a high content of natural oils and beeswax for the most hydrating results. Petroleum-based lip balms are also good, but natural oils, such as almond, apricot or jojoba, are best. Lip balms with sunscreen provide an added benefit of protection. Apply the lip balm when lips feel dry, and at least five minutes before heading outdoors. Some lipstick and lip gloss products are overly drying and are not recommended as a substitution for a good lip balm.

Avoid licking your lips. While it may feel like you are providing temporary relief, the saliva evaporates quickly, leaving your lips even more dry than before they were licked. For this reason, you should try to use a lip balm that is not flavored, as it tempts you to lick your lips more often.

During times when the air in your home is dry, make sure you are drinking more fluids, and consider using a humidifier in the bedroom at night. People who tend to breath through their mouths, another factor in creating chapped lips, will find that this relieves some of the dryness the next day.

Treating Chapped Lips

In addition to using a lip balm on a regular basis, simply exfoliating the lips can provide instant relief and results. If your chapped lips are persistent, or are causing significant pain, it is best to see a doctor or dermatologist. Several cosmetic companies offer gentle lip scrubs, but a simple and inexpensive alternative can be made right at home.

Here is one home remedy for dry or chapped lips which can be used up to three times per week:

1. Apply a thick layer of a good lip balm or petroleum product, such as Vaseline, to the entire lip area.

2. Using an old toothbrush, preferably with soft bristles, gently massage the lip area , alternating light circular motions with back and forth strokes.

3. Remove excess product with a dry tissue or a slightly warm, damp washcloth. The flaky and dry skin should be mostly removed.

4. Finish by applying a layer of lip balm to protect the skin and keep the lips hydrated.

© Annalise Kaylor

Summer Beauty Trends

Here's how to get the hottest looks this summer!,* Metallic eyes:* Bold, bright lips:* Pale lips:* 80s blush:* Bring back the brow:

Summer Beauty Trends

Get the Runway Makeup Look This Season

These tips and tricks will help you go from runway makeup to everyday beauty in no time!

Looking to get that hot runway makeup style, but when you try it you end up looking more clownish than glam? There is a way to get the most trendy look in beauty without looking like you tried too hard .

Here's how to get the hottest looks this summer!

* Metallic eyes:
Metallic lids are super hot for summer, but the lash to brow look that hit some of the runways isn't wearable to the office or even for a night out with the gals. The trick is to add some splash of metallic colour without caking it on. Try sticking to a metallic eyeliner to give your eyes that pop of colour, minus the effort. A quick wink will show off your trendy self and you will still look classy enough for lunch with the boss.

* Bold, bright lips:
Models rocked the runways with bright matte lipsticks for spring and summer, but you can keep your lips looking fresh and modern with a slash of hot, bright lip gloss, since it is easier to pull off. Look for sheer shades of cherry, apple, orange, hot pinks, corals and berries to look like you took a cue from the models on the catwalk. When trying to pull off a bright hue the safest bet is to do with a gloss so it looks less severe and a semi-glossy pout is always in. Try Clinque's Almost Lipstick which gives a sheer colour that is deeper than a gloss, or a gloss that doesn't provide high shine and you will be set to go. Keep the rest of your makeup fresh and simple to showcase your lips.

* Pale lips:
The other big lip trend is going completely nude and pale and the mod look (think Bridgette Bardot) was all the rage on the runways. For this look stick to a matte lipstick, or a pale gloss that you can pat down with your fingertip to reduce the shine. For extra paleness and to help it stay in place, apply a touch of foundation to your lips before apply lipstick or gloss. This will reduce any pigmentation that your lips may naturally have. This look rocks with false lashes and some serious mascara application. Try Lancome's Colour Design Lip in Strike A Pose.

* 80s blush:
So the strong streaks of hot, rosy blush you saw on all the models is a little to 80s for you. You can still capture the look with a rosy blush placed on the apples of your cheeks and then slightly blended onto your cheek bones (dust on your apples, the sweep the brush upward to your cheek bones and into your hairline). It gives the same effect without the edge, so you will look soft and feminine. Give Nars Blush in Angelika a try for a hit of colour.

* Bring back the brow:
The hottest way to add definition to your face is with a strong, natural looking brow. So put away your tweezers and let you eye brows go from thin line to naturally soft. If you need to fill in sparse areas with a little brow pencil and if you want extend the brow slightly more than you normally would (a hot look on the catwalk). Keep hairs in check with a bit of clear brow gel.

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How to Apply Red Lipstick

How to Apply Red Lipstick

A Personalized Guide to Wearing the Red Lip Color Trend

The key to looking chic and sexy wearing red lipstick is choosing the right product and shade, and applying it properly. Here's how.

Lady in Red

A fantastic way to spice up your everyday look and add oodles of glamour to a nighttime ensemble, wearing red lipstick is guaranteed to turn heads. But the flawless red lip requires a bit of expertise: with thousands of different shades and brands of red lip products available, picking the best one for you can be daunting.

Get noticed for all the right reasons by following these simple tips to get a perfectly painted red pout.


Many women avoid red lip color because they’re afraid of it looking too brash or bold. The faint of heart can keep up with the red lip trend with a sheer stain of rouge, and adventurous red lip ladies can pucker up with a more intense application of a thicker product such as lipstick or gloss.

The wetter the product, the dewier, more transparent your finished result will be:

* Balms or liquid stains deliver a sheer red finish.

* Thicker glosses and moist crème lipsticks offer soft, fuller coverage.

* Matte lipsticks give a drier, bolder look.

As a general rule, moister finishes are more appropriate for causal, everyday wear, whereas matte finishes are best suited for more dramatic evening affairs. Beware: because matte products are more drying and severe, they can accentuate wrinkles around the mouth and make you look older.

Choosing the correct red is crucial; it's the difference between looking like a sexy siren and Ronald McDonald.

Here are some helpful tips for selecting the right shade of red for your skin tone:

* Fair skinned ladies should opt for a red with blue or cool undertones.

* Ruddy skin (with reddish undertones) looks best with pinkish reds that have tinges of violet or fuchsia.

* Olive and darker skin colors look great in warm reds with orange, golden, or brown bases.

* Dark brown skin looks stunning in brighter fuchsia reds.

No-fail selection: keep in mind that a blue-based red is flattering on most skin tones and will set off a sparkle in your eye, make your teeth appear whiter, and give your skin a luminous glow.

Prep every application by exfoliating lips lightly with a toothbrush, moisturizing with balm, and blotting well for a clean palette.

If you're color-shy, ease into red by applying the product with your fingertip, patting lightly from the center of your lips and outward for a flushed stain that's subtly sexy and appropriate for any occasion, day or night.

For fuller coverage that lasts:

* Line lips with a lip pencil that matches your natural lip color.

* Smudge this lining with a Q-tip or your finger to soften the outline for a more natural look.

* Set down a base layer by lightly applying the lip color (lipstick or gloss) with a professional grade lip brush, spreading color from the center of your lips and moving out. Since a little red goes a long way, using a brush helps you apply just the right amount of product.

* Blot lips with tissue. Carefully apply a second coat.

* For extra dimension and the appearance of a fuller, more sensual pout, finish with a tiny dollop of pearlized gloss in the middle of the bottom lip.

* Pucker up.

As with everything to do with beauty, balance is essential. If you've applied a red lip, the rest of your makeup and hair should be clean and simple. Keep it classic with just a little bit of neutral eye shadow, a few sweeps of mascara, a little liquid liner, well-groomed eyebrows, and just a hint of rosy blush.

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Homemade Chocolate Lip Gloss

Homemade Chocolate Lip Gloss

How to Make a Delicious Balm For Your Lips Using Chocolate

Many beauty products can be made easily at home. This homemade lip gloss is made from all natural ingredients - and it tastes great too!


* 2 tablespoons Olive Oil
* 5 grams 70% Dark Chocolate
* 5 grams Cocoa Butter
* 5 grams Shea Butter
* 1/2 teaspoon Honey
* 1/4 teaspoon Lecithin
* 5 grams Beeswax
* 20 drops Food Grade Flavour Essence (optional)


1. Over a very low heat, melt the 70% dark chocolate in the olive oil. This must be done very slowly to prevent the chocolate from burning. The pan must also be thoroughly dry before the oil or chocolate is added. Water will react with the chocolate and make it seize. This means the chocolate will form into a lump that crumbles very easily and will never melt. If this occurs, you will have to throw the lot away and start again.

2. Now you need to add the cocoa and shea butters. These products will give your lip gloss extra richness as well as helping to keep your lips soft and supple. Shea butter is also reputed to be a natural sun screen.

3. Take the pot off the heat and add the honey, lecithin and beeswax. There should be enough heat to melt these ingredients. If not, you may need to put the pot back onto the heat briefly. Lecithin is an emulsifier, which means it will help all the other ingredients mix together and stay mixed together. If you cannot obtain this product then it may be omitted, but the gloss may be prone to separate in extremes of weather.

4. Now add your flavour essence if you have chosen one. This lip gloss is delicious with its plain chocolate flavour. Other options though can include the addition of either vanilla, hazelnut, peppermint or orange flavourings.

5. The lip gloss will need to be poured into suitable containers now before it starts to set solid. If you have them, lip gloss tubes can be used. Otherwise, any small container or jar can be used. Make sure the container has been cleaned thoroughly first in hot soapy water to kill any germs or bacteria. Let them dry thoroughly before using. Pour the liquid into the containers and allow to set naturally.

What is the Shelf life of This Product?

It is unknown what the shelf life of this product is. Because it is made from all natural ingredients, then there are varying factors that can extend or inhibit its shelf life. Honey and possibly Beeswax are said to be natural preservatives. Although it is unclear what amounts need to be used to preserve a product. Keeping the product sealed from the open air will also extend its shelf life a little. The age of your oil, chocolate and butters can make a difference too. The older these ingredients are, the shorter the shelf life.

As a general rule of thumb with all homemade products that are made with natural ingredients, smell the product often. Any change in the smell of a product will mean either a bacteria has been introduced, or one or all of the ingredients have spoiled or gone rancid. If the smell changes at all, discard the product.

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Wedding Makeup For Lips and Cheeks

Wedding Makeup For Lips and Cheeks

Bridal Makeup Tips for Applying Lip Color and Enhancing Cheeks

Put the "blush" in "blushing bride" by choosing the right blush color and placement, and complete your wedding look with a perfect pout by following these tips.

Adding a soft lipstick and contouring the cheeks are a great way to add color and life into your wedding day makeup look. The following makeup tips will help you choose the right products for your bridal makeup.

When choosing a lipstick color, consult your eye makeup first. Generally speaking, you should choose either your eyes or your lips as the focus of your face, not both. If you choose to do something more dramatic with your eyes, choose a neutral lip shade that closely resembles your natural lip color. If you'd like to play up your lips, opt for something a little more bold, but without being too trendy.

When choosing a lipstick, the formula is as important as the color. Sheer formulas will need to be reapplied more often than matte, cream, or semi-matte lipsticks. Longlasting lipsticks feel dry, and will show off any dry or flaky spots on your lips. To appear fresh, they require reapplication of the clear coat, anyhow, so only choose them if you absolutely love the color or don't mind the feel of dry lips.

You'll likely be doing a lot of kissing on your wedding day, and that means that you'll need your lipstick to last. Remember that lip glosses are beautiful, but they make your lipstick come off more readily. You can read more about making your choice of lipstick last longer here.

Choosing a blush color requires a look at your natural coloring first. Do you tend to get red easily? Do your cheeks flush if you drink a glass of wine? When deciding on which blush color to use, keep in mind the activities of the day.

Brides who have a naturally pink or red appearance, may want to opt for a hint of a peach or bronze color to balance out their natural redness. Brides who tend to look pale all day can combine both blush and bronzer for an even, contoured tone. If being in front of a crowd makes you red all over, forgo blush entirely.

Remember, when contouring cheeks, apply the blush or bronzer just below the cheekbone. Apply the blush by moving the brush along the underside of the cheekbone as if you are drawing a "Nike Swoosh" symbol or a checkmark. Start with the bare minimum of color and add as needed.

When the focus is just on adding color, sweep a light dusting directly onto the apple of the cheek and upward toward your hairline. Start with only a touch of color, and add more, keeping in mind that you may produce natural color throughout the day. If you feel you've added too much, do not rub off. Rather, apply a dusting of loose or pressed powder to neutralize the color.

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10 Ways To Heal Chapped Lips

Ten Ways To Cure, Soothe And Prevent Dry, Peeling, Reddened Lips***Primary Causes of Chapped Lips,Chapped Lip Treatment,...

10 Ways To Heal Chapped Lips

Ten Ways To Cure, Soothe And Prevent Dry, Peeling, Reddened Lips

The change of seasons, with overnight fluctuations in temperatures and humidity, often ushers in weeks of discomfort for many children and adults.

Primary Causes of Chapped Lips

* Exposure to the seasonal elements - Dry air, wind, sun and/or cold temperatures can wreck havoc on sensitive, unprotected lip tissue.

* Contact dermatitis should be considered and may be stemming from allergies and/or topical irritation.

* Medications could be a factor. Suspect any newly started medications as the potential source of irritation.

Chapped Lip Treatment

After the causal factor has ignited the chapping cycle, ten steps should be utilized for comfort and cure:

1. Use lip balms with cocoa butter, petroleum and/or beeswax. Examine lips balm ingredients very carefully as some components of “medicated” lip balms can actually act as irritants (see step 7 below).

2. Use a multivitamin supplement daily as chapped lips could indicate a nutritional deficiency.

3. Eat foods high in calcium, magnesium and flaxseed oil Calcium rich foods include milk, yogurt, cheese, beans, and salmon. Almonds and tofu are very high as well. Combine calcium intake with magnesium (seek out legumes, nuts, whole grains and vegetables) and flax seed oil (try Uncle Sam's cereal). These three ingredients are proven to aid in the healing of lip surfaces.

4. Drink more than the recommended 8 glasses of water a day (experts recommend 100 ounces of more per day for chapped lips), preferably heated. Sipping hot water or decaffeinated tea slowly, throughout the day, dilates the circulatory system and will increase moisture to the tissues.

5. Avoid caffeine and alcohol which are major tissue dehydrators.

6. Avoid flavored lip balms which can cause more frequent lip licking, increasing the degree of chapping.

7. Avoid phenol and camphor which are often found in lip balms. Phenol is a mild anesthetic and camphor adds a cooling, tingling sensation which in the short term may bring temporary relief but could irritate already sensitive lip tissues.

8. Treat chaffed, chapped and scaling lips overnight with a homemade ointment mixed from 1 tsp glycerine, 1 tsp lemon juice and 1 tsp castor oil. Spread on lips overnight, refrigerating the leftovers for future use.

9. Add humidifier(s) to your home. Lips, hair, nails and skin all thrive in humidified air.

10. Add a coat, when you wear a coat - Keep lips shielded against the elements with a coat of petroleum jelly, balm (non flavored, without phenol or camphor) or Aquaphor ointment (a celebrity favorite).

Medical attention should be sought if symptoms persist without improvement. Your physician may choose to prescribe antibiotics or may consider prescription treatment for dermatitis.

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How to Get Bigger Lips

How to Get Bigger Lips

Using cosmetics to get fuller, pouty lips

Majority of women are trying to get fuller lips by heading to the plastic surgeons office for collagen injections. However, there are simple makeup tips that will give you the same benefit without the pain or financial cost.

Products you will need: Concealer, Concealer Loose Powder, Brush, Lip liner, Lipstick, Lip brush, and lip gloss

Step 1:
First you will need to start with a blank canvas. Apply a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone to your lips and lip line. Gently powder with some loose powder.

Step 2:
With soft strokes, line your lips just outside of the natural lip line. You want to use a natural color for the lip liner. Do not go crazy with this step…we do not want clown lips! You want to just slightly build the lip up.

Step 3:
Using your lip brush, apply the lipstick. You need to use a lip brush for this step so that the lip liner will blend more naturally. Choose a light, natural lip color. Lighter colors always make things look bigger.

Step 4:
Apply lip gloss to the center of the bottom lip. This will draw attention to the fullest part of your lip, giving you a natural “pouty” look.

After eating or drinking you will need to reapply every step to continually give off the illusion of fuller lips.

Lip plumpers will help plump your lips as well. You can even make an effective lip plumper at home for a fraction of the cost.

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Beautiful Lips

The best lip color fixative, gloss something to cling to for longer, blot lips after applying lipstick to set color and remove excess...There are plenty of tricks of the trade to help make your lips more balanced and beautiful.

Beautiful Lips

Some of us have less perfect lips than others. But don't despair! There are plenty of tricks of the trade to help make your lips more balanced and beautiful.

Some of the most effective solutions:

* The best lip color fixative? - A thin layer of Chapstick. The formula holds lip color like crazy as it heals and protects.

* Powder lips also gives lip color or gloss something to cling to for longer, smoother wear.

* For longer wear, blot lips after applying lipstick to set color and remove excess. Add a thin layer of loose or pressed powder, then apply color again.

* Turn down too much shine by holding a single-ply tissue to your lips and pressing a little loose powder through it - just enough will sift through the tissue to adhere to color and reduce the shine.

* Turn up the shine with a thin layer of clear lip gloss over lipstick or alone.

* For high-voltage shine and color, try a lip lacquer over lipstick or alone.

* For fuller, poutier lips, spotlight lip gloss right in the center of your mouth.

* Keep matte lip color from drying your lips - use a lip primer or lip color fixative before you apply the matte color.

* For evening special-effects, apply a sheer lip gloss in silver, gold or an iridescent shade over the lip color.


Lipstick And Lip Liner

How To Aply Lipstick And Lip Liner,Do Liner First-Use neutral or lipstick-matched liner., Lipstick- bit of foundation beneath lipstick can maximize its staying power...

Lipstick And Lip Liner

How To Aply Lipstick And Lip Liner

A. Do Liner First

Lip liner is optional but if you use it, it should go on first. Don't use liner darker than your lipstick, because if the lipstick fades and the liner doesn't, you're left with just an outline. Use neutral or lipstick-matched liner.

Starting at the center of your upper lip, draw a line to each outer corner, following the edge of your natural lip line.

Fill in color all over lips if you want extra holding power for your lipstick.

*Hint: Chill lip pencil in the refrigerator for a few minutes to make sharpening easier.

B. Lipstick

A dusting of powder or bit of foundation beneath lipstick can maximize its staying power. Either can dry lips, though, so use a creamy formula lipstick.

Stretch your lips and starting at the center of top or bottom, glide color to corners. Blot, reapply and blot again for longer-lasting color.

*Hint: A lip brush gives you the most precision in applying lipstick.


Kiss Me Lips

The most kissable lips look**your natural shade with a kick..Smooth lips with lip balm,Grab one that lets lips show through, such as a sheer lipstick or light gloss., finished applying color, lightly kiss the back of your hand.....

Kiss Me Lips

The most kissable lips look? The same one that's pretty any time: your natural shade with a kick.

Step 1: Prep

Smooth lips with lip balm. Avoid slick products, such as Vaseline or anything else petroleum-based (they will make the lipstick slide off). Instead, apply a waxy balm, such as Chapstick, and massage into lips with your figertips. Then let it sink in for a few minutes.

Step 2: Pick Your Stick

Grab one that lets lips show through, such as a sheer lipstick or light gloss.
Apply...LIPSTICK straight from the tube. Blend into lips and along your lip line with fingertip. Apply LIP GLOSS with the wand or a lip brush. Smooth out with your fingertip.

Step 3: Blot

When you are finished applying color, lightly kiss the back of your hand. This will get rid of excess product without cutting down on the sheen. Then, gently smack your lips together to even out the color one last time. Pucker up!

Adjust Your Lips

How to adjust your lips

* Make Small Lips Look Larger -

Apply a little vaseline or lip gloss to the middle of the bottom lip, which brings the lips out, making them look larger.

* Make Large Lips Look Smaller -
Use the deeper colors in your palette (deep color makes the lips recede), and stick to a matte formula; keep away from shiny glosses.


Lips And Lipstick

Your Lips And Lipstick***To stop lipstick from bleeding, use a lipliner, or apply foundation over the lips first...If you have small lips, avoid dark colours...

Lips And Lipstick
Your Lips And Lipstick

Quick Tips:

* To stop lipstick from bleeding, use a lipliner, or apply foundation over the lips first.

* If you have big lips, use muted colours such as purples, browns and bronzes.

* If you have small lips, avoid dark colours.

* Professionals prefer to use a brush for lipstick application. Brushes generally allow you to use much less lipstick.

The colors that suit you are:

* Light blondes can use wines, berry's and mauves. They also suit cappuccino colours.

* Golden blondes should use corals, apricots or peachy hues.

* Blondes with olive skin tones are best suited to warm peaches, browns or terracotta's.

* Brunettes suit terracottas, cinnamon's and brown tinted reds.

* Red heads can use warm terracotta colours, cinnamon's and peachy browns.


Lip Tips,Easy Lip Tips:

Lip Tips,To keep lips going all day, first pencil all over lips with a soft lip pencil. Apply lipstick over and blot.,To make lips look fuller, line lips,To keep lipstick off teeth, pucker lips...

Lip Tips

Easy Lip Tips:

* To keep lips going all day, first pencil all over lips with a soft lip pencil. Apply lipstick over and blot.

* To make lips look fuller, line lips with a pencil and then blend the edges with a sponge applicator. Cover with gloss or petroleum jelly.

* To keep lipstick off teeth, pucker lips into an extreme "O". Cover your finger with tissue, and pole it into your moutn. Slowly twist it out of your mouth, eliminating any excess color.

* To achieve a pouty, sexy mouth, emphasize your top lip by dabbing just a touch of gloss in the center.

* Highlight your lips with a verylight eye shadow color that coordinates with your lip color tones. Place it right in the center of your upper and lower lips.

* To balance unevenly shaped lips, use a lighter colored lipstick on the smaller-sized lip.

* To keep lipstick in place while dining, keep lips off utensils. Use your lower teeth and tongue to do the work.

* Gently rub with washcloth over lips before applying lipstick to smooth out lips.

* Apply foundation around the lips give a precise look without lip liner.

For Full Lips:

You are lucky if you've been blessed with those large lips. Women everywhere are trying to replicate with collagen. But large lips can take over your face if you're not careful.

* You really don't need lip liner, but if you like the look, soften edge with your finger or a Q-tip.

* Don't wear any lip color that is too glossy or shiny.

For Thin Lips:

* Draw slightly beyond the lip with a neutral-colored lip pencil. Then apply lipstick. Your lipstick will "catch" onto the liner.

* Apply white shadow on center of lips over lipstick and spread slightly.

* Don't wear a very dark shade of lipstick. It makes lips more smaller.


Lip Plumper Tips

Lip Plumper Tips,Lip balm babe,Line and define,Get a natural lip liner, Here comes the glamorous bit, the lip-gloss! Again, keep the color natural...Plump them up***

Lip Plumper Tips

Do you sometimes think that you would kill for beautiful full lips? Sure, you could get Collagen implants, or tattooed outlines around your lip... But it?s a little bit excessive, I?m sure you?ll agree! There are other cheaper, and much more practical, ways of achieving a similar affect.

Here how to get beautiful full lips in four easy steps...

Step one: Lip balm babe

Prepare your delicate lips with a generous slick of lip balm in advance. Nobody likes cracked and frayed lips! And in this cold winter weather its important to take more care than usual. (Cold weather will dry the moisture from your lips). Make sure that the lip balm has sunk a little before you go on to step two, otherwise your lip liner won?t work.

Step two: Line and define

Get a natural lip liner, and carefully draw around the very rim of your lips. If you get a wobbly line, don?t panic (and don?t think nobody will notice it)... just carefully remove it and start again! When you have a firm line fill in the rest of your lips with the same color.

Step three: Now add some shine!

Here comes the glamorous bit, the lip-gloss! Again, keep the color natural. Forget lipstick that?s too dark or too light. One thing you?ve gotta remember though, gloss looks better but doesn?t have the staying power of lippy. Make sure you keep it in your purse and re-apply during the day.

Step four: Plump them up

This is the ?hard bit?. But actually it?s not! All you?ve got to do, (after you?ve completed steps one through three), is dot a white shimmery product like eye shadow or an eyebrow highlighter in the very center of your lips. Start slowly, and blend very carefully. What you are looking to achieve is natural looking shading, with your lip color being lighter where your mouth opens. This will create the illusion of beautiful full lips.

Oh, one last thing. Remember, people always want what they haven?t got, so don?t fret... just make the best of what you?ve got. And you know what they say; if you?ve got it, flaunt it!

By Joanne Elliott